Sleep Better

A Slow life: Making things Easier with Less Energy

Recently I discovered the life-changing Scandanavian style of bed making.

How can making the bed differently change your life you may ask?

Because you get your very own blankets! No more sharing blankets with that bed-hogging partner. I speculate that people in those northern european countries are so happy because they never wake up in the middle of the night freezing because their so-called-love-of-my-life partner has rolled over and taken all the blankets with them. Imagine the luxury of tucking yourself in on all sides in a cozy duvet like a full body hug.


The other genius of this method is that you do not have  a flat sheet to get your feet all tangled in in the middle of the night! Ahh. Luxury. If you do not have a bed-sharing partner, you will still benefit from the luxury of not having your feet tangled in a flat sheet. A smaller duvet may make you feel more hugged than your queen or double size.  

We have recently treated ourselves to a king sized bed so there is ample room for this method. I think this may work on a Queen; you would just have more overlap of the blankets.

Ok. Here is the method:

  1. Buy two twin duvets and two twin duvet covers. 

  2. Buy a fitted sheet to fit your bed. 

  3. Do not buy a flat sheet.

  4. Put the fitted sheet over the bed.

  5. Put a duvet with duvet cover on each side of the bed- one for each of you.

  6. Have the best sleep ever!

I bought two sets so I would have extra for sheet changing. If you hate duvets. I imagine this would work with comforters or whatever blanket you want. Just get two twin sized.

I contemplated getting a different duvet cover for each side with coordinating patterns but decided on same same. Ikea actually shows many of their display beds with two coordinating duvets and it works. 

I shopped around but ultimately decided on Ikea for my bedding (not the bed and mattress). Ikea sells the fitted sheet separately and has reasonably priced duvets and duvet covers. I also like how Ikea adheres to higher environmental standards for their products. I have had chemical sensitivities in the past and I have never had a problem with anything from Ikea.  

If you choose a different weight of duvet than your partner, be sure to label it somehow so you don’t get them mixed up during sheet changing. Same for pillows.

Have a nice sleep!