Photo by Theresa Swain Thousand Woofs Photography

Photo by Theresa Swain Thousand Woofs Photography


I’m Nicole.

My life is a little slower.

My body has been doing funny things since I was 15: chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, dystonia…juvenile parkinson’s disease. I tried everything to fix it, but nothing worked and I spent a lot of time feeling like a total failure.

This experience has been very challenging but also very rich. It has brought me to a place where I experience life at a deeper level with more beauty, more joy, and more freedom …even though my body is not perfect.

I offer my reflections on this journey in this blog.

The title: A Slower Kind of Life refers to one of the key features of Parkinson’s disease which is slow movement. It also refers to the richness that can be found in slowing down and experiencing life at a deeper level.

I aspire to collect my reflections and learnings into a book to offer comfort and guidance to those on a healing journey.

The most important thing that I have learned on my journey is that I am perfect just as I am, no matter what.

Love and joy exists beneath that critical voice that tells me that I am not good enough.

I am not proposing that I know what is right for you on your journey. Your journey is your own.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Training, Retreats and Courses Taken

The following is a list of the self-healing workshops and courses that I have taken with the name of the teacher, facility or organization and location and the date.

Advanced 7-day Workshop. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Toronto. September 1-7, 2018

Progressive Workshop. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Online. 2018

Intensive Workshop. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Online. 2018

Vipassana 4-day Meditation Course. S. N. Goenka. Dhamma Karuna. Youngstown, Alberta. March, 2016

Yasodhara Yoga Development Course. Yasodhara Ashram. Kootenay Lake, B.C. January-April, 2015

Yasodhara Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate. Yasodhara Ashram. Kootenay Lake, B.C. April, 2015

Medicine for the Earth/Healing with Spiritual Light. Sandra Ingerman. Joshua Tree, California. March 12-16, 2014

Pain Care Yoga. Neil Pearson. Yoga Studio North. Calgary. 2014

The Heart of Transformation: Activating your Heart’s Intelligence. Institute of Heartmath. October 24, 2014

Vipassana 10-day Silent Meditation Course for Executives and Government Officials. S. N. Goenka. Dhamma Vadhanna. Twentynine Palms, California. November, 2014

Living from Your Soul. Neale Donald Walsch. Online. 2014.

Startalker Quest Study Program 1: Energy Tools. Judith Hirst. Calgary. 2014

Startalker Quest Study Program 2: Shamanic Tools. Judith Hirst. Calgary. 2014

Science of Mind: Spiritual Path. Centre for Spiritual Living. Calgary. September-December 2013

Science of Mind: Power of Decision. Centre for Spiritual Living. Calgary. September-December 2013

Dynamic Neural Retraining 5-day Program. Annie Hopper. Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2013

Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace. Unity Church. Calgary. 2013

Business 109: Do Less, Achieve More: Zone of Optimal Performance. University of Calgary Continuing Education. 2013

Self-Transformation Program. Himalayan Institute. Honesdale, Pennsylvania. January, 2012

Non-Violent Communication. Barbara Weibe, Conscious Communication. Calgary. 2011

10 Days of Yoga. Yasodhara Ashram. Kootenay Lake, B.C. October 2009

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Alberta Health Services. Calgary. 2010

Yoga of Healing. Rolf Sovik, Himalayan Institute. Honesdale, Pennsylvania. December 2009

Reiki Level 1 and 2. Gail Simmons, Saddle Mountain Self-Healing Centre. Alberta. 2009

Healing with Trees. Judith Hirst. Calgary. 2009

Space Clearing Certification. Christan Hummel, Earth Transitions. Online. 2008-2009

Emotional Freedom Technique. Prema Sai Wholistic Living. Calgary. 2008

Loving Kindness Meditation: Metta. Yoga and Meditation Centre of Marda Loop. Calgary. 2008

Vipassana Meditation. Yoga and Meditation Centre of Marda Loop. Calgary. 2008

Yoga Nidra: Yoga of Sleep. Pandit Dabral, Yoga Studio South. Calgary. 2008

Mind-Body Program. Alberta Health Services. Calgary. 2008

Yoga of Healing. Utpala Pitman. Yasodhara Yoga Calgary. 2008

Living Well with a Chronic Condition. Alberta Health Services. Calgary. 2007

Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Gateway. Calgary. 2006-2007

Personal Retreat. Yasodhara Ashram. Kootenay Lake, B.C. 2006

Courses Given

Yoga and Creativity, March 2015, 2018

A New Perspective on Conflict, Alberta Professional Planners Association Conference, 2014