A Beautiful Day

I love the peaceful feeling of a fresh snowfall;

when the earth is softened by a fluffy white blanket and embraced by a thick layer of clouds.

I look out into my backyard at 3:00 am and it is aglow with the reflected light contained between the snow and the clouds. The clouds are still dropping fluffy white flakes that I can only see beneath the glow of the streetlamp. The world is temporarily resting in quiet and peace.

I cherish these precious moments before the snow plows come and people start shoveling the fluffy white softness from the sidewalks. I wish that instead, we would use skis or snowshoes and convert our cars to ski-doos to preserve the pure beauty of the world blanketed in a layer of soft white.

By mid-morning, the peace has changed as the world becomes active. Tire tracks are carved into the deep snow on the road in front of my house and my neighbours clear the sidewalks.

Later, the clouds dissipate and the sun’s brightness is enhanced by the white of the snow. It is a beautiful day.