Instructions for Living from an Unlikely Source

Ok, I don’t want to diminish the awfulness of having Parkinson’s disease: losing the brain cells that facilitate movement and good moods is not a barrel of laughs. But I'm really liking this list I came up with of the things I have had to do because of my Parkinson's disease. It's actually a really good set of instructions for living:

  1. Slow down

  2. Alternate activity and rest throughout the day

  3. Let go of ambition

  4. Don’t try to control everything

  5. Appreciate little things

  6. Keep life simple

  7. Don’t multitask

  8. Avoid stress and negativity

  9. Eat well

  10. Exercise

  11. Continue to exercise my mind

  12. Listen to music

  13. Give myself regular doses of feeling good. (I extrapolated this instruction from the dose of dopamine that I take every four hours. Dopamine is the feel good neuro-chemical)

  14. Focus on fun and joy.

  15. Avoid toxins

  16. Create a community of support

Some of these I am better at than others.

Looks like a list that could be applicable to anyone. Don't let an illness force you to take care of yourself and find the joy in life. Do it because you are worth it.

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