Look Again at A Rainy Day

I don’t like how rainy days have a bad rep. Why do the radio people always sound so sad and grim when they announce rain in the forecast and happy and excited when they announce a sunny day? Am I really going to let the weather dictate my mood?

I love a rainy day. Where I feel like I have permission to take it slow, to stay in, to do less, to pause and reflect. No pressure to “get out there and do something". Just be. When thick clouds hang low in the sky, it’s as if they are cozying up to the earth to wrap me in their embrace. The entire sky is like a soft fluffy duvet inviting me to settle in and rest for a while.

When the rain starts to fall in plump droplets from the sky, it feels nourishing and embracing. I love stepping outside to feel the rain falling on my body and pooling around my bare feet on the earth. The clouds are showering me with the most precious gift. Water is the source of life. How could rain bring anything but joy? It is a demonstration of nature’s abundance.

My son loves to splash in puddles and watch the rain flow down the edge of the curb into the culvert at the end of the street. The rain creates a whole new environment to explore.

I know, some of us can’t cozy up with a book on a rainy day or run out and splash in puddles. Life has to go on. Mail has to be delivered. Appointments have to be kept. Work has to be attended. These are the days for raincoats, boots and umbrellas. The day might go differently than planned. These are the days when we are a part of nature’s cycles. Despite our modern fortifications that separate us from nature, She still has an influence on us.

I used to be a bike-commuter. I loved a rainy day because it presented an additional challenge. I would arrive at work feeling like I had braved the elements and succeeded.

When is the last time you stepped out into the rain and spread your arms out wide with head uplifted to feel it on your face? Or splashed in a puddle?

Only the bad witches melt in the rain. I am a Good Witch.

I despise that song that is taught to children about the rain “Rain Rain Go Away”. I wrote this song to replace it. Please sing it instead.

Rain, rain we love you

You make everything feel new

You water all the trees and plants and fill the lakes and rivers.

Sing to the tune of the original “Rain Rain” song taught to children.

Nicole St. Arnaud 2019


1. Yes “Bad Rep” is considered acceptable spelling according to merriam-webster.com

2. The bad witch reference is from the Movie The Wizard of Oz. The Bad witch melts in the rain.